Independent Communication Authority of South Africa

The Authority is responsible for regulating the telecommunications, broadcasting and postal industries in the public interest and ensure affordable services of a high quality for all South Africans. The Authority also issues licenses to telecommunications and broadcasting service providers’, enforces compliance with rules and regulations, protects consumers from unfair business practices and poor quality services, hears and decides on disputes and complaints brought against licensees and controls and manages the effective use of radio frequency spectrum.

Functions of ICASA
  • To license broadcasters, signal distributors, providers of telecommunication services and postal services;
  • To make regulations;
  • To impose license conditions;
  • To plan, assign, control, enforce and manage the frequency spectrum;
  • To ensure international and regional co-operation;
  • To ensure the efficient allocation of numbers;
  • To ensure interoperability of networks;
  • To receive and resolve complaints
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